Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas time!!!

So we were so excited for the holidays and having you open gifts on Christmas Day.
Since you are old enough now that you have some favorite toys, characters, and things you like, we couldn't wait to see your face. 
So yes I think we enjoyed Christmas more then you did I think !! :) 
You've been Obsessed with Mickey Mouse so needless to say we got you everything Mickey.  
So did everyone else!!
Yes my house now looks like the Disney store with Mickey Mouse characters of every size and shape.
The funny thing is your favorite out of everything was the little Barbie house I got for you and a pair of princess heels that light up.
Maybe your moving on from Mickey to Barbie and all the girly stuff.  We shall see.  Ok here are some pics!

Friday, December 27, 2013

20 months

IoIv been writing here and there but haven't published it on here since a lot of it isn't finished and unedited.
Iv been keeping track of stuff that you do but just haven't had time to add all the pics and edit all my grammer :)
Every night I think of you as you go to sleep and on all the new and old things that have happened. 
So I guess maybe I shouldn't worry about making a perfect post, with all the pics and the right grammer. 
I will really try just to write about you and the works around you as i perceive it.

I will just apologize to you now for the writing, misspelling, grammar, and any others mistakes I make on here.
I am writing from my phone, with one hand late at night as I nurse you to sleep.  
Ok so after all I figured, better just to do something then never to do it at all cuz it wasn't perfect.

There so much I want to catch up on right now, but it'll take to long so ill just start from here on out and keep you posted on the present.
And slowly fill you in on all the months missed. 

Ok so to speed this up
Lets see u are 20 months and soooo much fun.  You can say about 40 different words on your own and starting to make short sentences. 
Like " where's daddy "
"I want down" let go" gotcha " 
Daddy stinky".  I tired ' mama I wan boo boo".  You run pretty fast

Oh ok I'll get back I think you r waking up 
Ill add more soon ! 

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