Thursday, April 4, 2013

One year today!!!

I cannot explain how much my heart swells when I type these words. And at the same time I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
It's been a whole year since you came into this world.

You won’t understand these words until you’re a mother yourself. You won’t get the feelings. It probably won’t matter much to you until then.

“Yeah yeah whatever you’re turning a year old. I know.”

I am not terrified of it, I am not sad. All I feel is immense pride and joy. And a little bit of worry. That the future years will go just as fast. As much as im excited for it yet I already miss the past.
 But I will do my best to live in the moment and enjoy each special moment as much as I can.

One year ago, today,I did not know how much my life would change. One year ago, today, I loved you, but did not know how much that love would stretch/grow/fill/change/complete. One year ago, today, your dad and i were excited and sooooo terrified and had no clue to how our life's were about to change.

Today, we celebrate a year of you, with a few close family and friends and our hearts filled with joy.
We celebrate the fact that we not only survived it, but somehow became better people in-spite of it & loved every moment of it.
And while I am teaching you little lessons, you are transforming the very core of me

This weekend you will be surrounded by what you will probably perceive as chaos, but there will also be close friends,  family, all the people that love you.

As well as cake, decorations, lots and lots of photos.

You won’t remember it, but I know you will have a blast looking through pictures and videos when you’re older.

I am not going to say much more. (even tho i want to)
Except that I love you. That no one, and I mean NO one, will ever be MORE important to us than you.

That we have been, are and will always be doing everything in our power to make your life the best that it can be.

You are a year old!

You are the most amazing girl in the whole world and daddy and I love you!
Here are pictures and my very first post after having you one year ago
Alexandra Riis Wormington 6lb 5oz
Ill post pics of today later

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

almost a year

million thoughts running through my mind but nothing seems to come out.

you are almost one years of age.

Although it seems a birthday is a birthday, and iv heard,celebrated and seen so many with others.

This one some how smacks me in face and wakes me up.

You will be a year old tomorrow 😜😂😃😘

In the last 21 months ( which to most of us fly by in a blink of an eye). You have gone from a single microscopic cell to a little girl who walks, eats, sleeps, giggles, cries, plays, loves and needs to be loved.

You have made so many fall in love with you, as i see you have picked out the ones you love back as well.

You are so small and so helpless yet you have tough me more in these past months then iv understood in a lifetime.

You have changed me, challenged me, made me so weak yet so damn strong, you have tough me patience, sacrifice and humility.

You have changed my body, my soul my whole life and every relationships in it.

You have made me so scared, sick to my stomach and feeling completely helpless of the idea of anything ever hurting you or causing you pain.

You have made me so vulnerable because I love you so much and couldn't and wouldn't want to imagine life without you.

You have given the greatest pleasure and joy iv ever felt when seeing you happy.

From all the roles i have played in my life, daughter, sister, cousin,friend, wife, co worker , employee and employer. Being you're mother seems to have been the one thats been the most important to me ( not to say the other roles havent)
but for some reason this role is way different then any of the rest.

You are strong, tenacious, daring, unyielding and so very loving. You have enriched all of our lives and blessed this family with your presence. You are a teacher, a calm spirit in the middle of chaos, a strong hug, a gentle smile and a mischievous grin. Your playful, come-as-you-are nature has already welcomed you into the hearts and lives of so many.

In your short time on this earth you have taught me the importance of love, family, parenthood, being a woman, empathy, responsibility, maturity, priority, and slowing down to enjoy & do it all right sometimes ,
For that I am forever grateful.

YOu have made me so mad at your dad yet more in love him since you are his other half.

There is not much rest for my mind or body anymore, yet I would never go back to a world without you.

I will complain, I will make mistakes, i will one day get mad at you, I will at times wish it was easier, and even breakdown and cry.

But I can promise you this my sweet girl,
To all my best control, I will always protect you, I will never rest till you are happy. I will do anything and everything in my willpower to give you the best life I could.
I will never stop trying to do my best with you.
Maybe not always in physical but I will Always be by your side and pick you up anytime you fall.
I will teach you, help you and love you along every step you make in this lifetime. And I will love you now, everyday and till the end of day.
I can promise you that

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