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So i did these pics 2 yrs ago for someone writing a book on women's fitness and some other things. Buttttt running into these pics I realized a had a little bit of muscle and a TAN back then, which is inspired me to get back to that.
I was always worried about gaining weight during pregnancy and not being able to take it off, well quite the opposite happened, I can't seem to keep weight on! Trust me 2 yrs ago i would of thought of this as a blessing, but I'm 5'6 and weighing in at 108lbs when my normal pre baby weight was 125lbs ( so u see this is NOT good)!
I eat pretty healthy and feel great and all now but baby needs back! a butt & some curves wouldn't hurt!!
Yes yes I know I gotta work out and eat more protein ! But u see I do, I drink protein shakes, chicken, few eggs a day lots of greens n vegs. Even the weekends or through out the week I down pizza or burgers.... But still no butt /: so must possibly mean i need to hit the gym and start weight training with lots of squats! let the working out begin! haha Ok on Monday !

why couldnt someone tell me to smile??

it was freezzzing that day

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