Saturday, March 31, 2012

39 weeks! 4 more days at the most!!!

Had my last "pregnancy appointment" the other day, so the next time I see my doctor will be in the delivery room!

The latest news is, I'm 3cm dilated 90% effaced. Which means.....
My body and I are ready to have her!

* active labor starts at 4-7cm. 100% effaced.
* 7-10cm is going from active labor to the final phase, delivery), and when your cervix is at 10 centimeters (about the size of a newborn’s head), it’s considered fully dilated and you’re ready to give birth.

Sooooo long story short, any min now I should or can be going into labor....
This Sunday April 1st, will be 40 weeks (which means its my due
date!). As I probably mentioned in a previous post, the doctor thought she was going to come earlier then later, then my due date (like last weekend!!!!)

But baby Alexandra didn't not agree apparently, soooooo if she doesn't come by Monday night, the doctor is having me check into the hospital early Tuesday to get induced (since she says everything else is ready and all I need is a Lil push to get me
Going )
I'm really hoping she will just come on her own, ( which is pretty likely) but if doesn't, now there's an actual date set!!! which makes this so much more real, but yet so hard to grasp.
Iv been so so anxious the last week, and now all the sudden I feel very calm. Dont get me wrong im super excited still, but just more calm. :)

Here is a one of my last pregnancy pics from last week, (39 weeks!)

If I don't have her tonight or tomorrow I'll post one more pic to show the 40 week belly,which is....exact full term & the end of pregnancy!!
I'll keep everyone posted the sec something happens!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week from today or today??

My due date is next Sunday, but today seems like a better day to have her! Guess its not up to me!!
Went for a bike ride, cleaned up the house now just waiting!! Haha Everything comes when it's least expected doesn't it??!
Here r some baby pics of Jeff n I. And Alexandra's 3d ultrasounds .... Who will she look like??
3d pic of Alexandra w/ Jeff & I baby pics

me at 6 months

yes i was a chunker

mom n i
mom, my afro & i
2 yrs

brother, mom & i
me with my parents
thinking the baby look more like me!! hehe

jeff at 6 months

jeff n his parents
cowboy jeff

Saturday, March 24, 2012

9 days Or less left!!

Couple days ago I finally decided I'm done being pregnant and Alexandra needs to come out!!! :) soon as I hit 38 weeks ( which is considered full term ) I started to hope for her to come sooner then later, plus my last checkup ( this past tues ) the doctor said I'm 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. Which is all good and clear signs my
Body is getting ready to have this baby any day. Withy belly feeling heavier and heavier every dAy, and just all the pressure everywhere, I'm really ready to have her :)
Although I think the mental anticipation is far greater then just being uncomfortable.
Since the doctor told me i will go into labor sooner then labor, Now it's just a waiting game, and I'm way to impatient!! :) with one week left till my due date, I'm really wondering when this sooner is going to come??
Every little thing that happenes, I start wondering (is this it??)
I'm still feeling good for the most part, just seem to be tired and mentally foggy.
After going out with some friends tonight, and I got home and took so Tylenol night, ( yes doc said it was safe) it usually knocks me out and helps me sleep, but tonight after taking it, I got a sudden urge to pace around and repack my hospital bag, as well as my husbands! Since Iv been " nesting" for a whole now, I'm not sure what this is all about, maybe it means shes coming?? But again, when?
Well finally getting tired, so I'm going to go catch some sleep in case she comes tonight or early morning!
The due date I had predicted for her was march 25, which is tomorrow!! So we shall see, oh & two of my girlfriends as well as Jeff all said the same thing, without talking to each other. So kinda weird, will be more so if she actually comes on that date!! I'll keep u guys posted :)!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

38 week check up.

So doc appt. went well, I'm almost 2cm dilated n doctor said, she'll most likely come sooner then later! She said maybe next week, maybe 10 days! But still could also be any day now-
The baby is now considered full term, so if she did come a bit early, she is fully developed n ready for the outside world!!
I got a little dizzy when the doc said she could come any day now, wow! So I guess I'm pretty much ready as I'll ever be :).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maternity photos, 8months 2 weeks!

    So in some way i always thought maternity photos would be cheesy, i mean who really wants to see pictures of you and your huge belly besides few family members (if even) i always figured friends that are single or just not into this whole kid thing clearly dont care to see your "growing belly"  and if they do want to see, it might be just to see how much weight you really put on and
     I mean to be honest i never really cared to see my friends "Beautiful, half naked ,pregnant pictures!" Because to me it was never all that "beautiful", all i saw was the stretch marks, weight gain, strange brown line runny in the middle of the belly, and overall just transformation from "young good looking, in shape, fun adult" to  "mature soccer mom, who drives a station wagon & never has time for her hair or nails".
    To say the least i guess i just never saw the beauty behind it all. But now i find myself seeing it all through a completely different perspective.
   Dont get me wrong, im not 100% convinced that this baby thing is just so amazing now, and i dont need anything else in life, and i  still sometime get a panic attacks thinking about being called a "mom" or having a house full of toys instead of wine and expensive purses.
   But i defiantly am starting to understand how special and unique this experience is. How it puts things in perspective.
    Who knows..... nature does have some tricky ways of making us feel great and happy, when it comes to reproducing, since (that is the major purpose of our existence.) 
     Whatever the reason or where it comes from, when you experience something for yourself, you can definitely begin to understand what all the fuss is all about.
     With that being said, i decided that it would be cool to look back and see this point in my life.
Looking at a picture and knowing there was once another life inside of me, a life that Jeff  & i created, that grew inside of me all on its own, and soon will change our lives forever.
   ya ya still might sound cheesy, but i guess im starting to change and see things a bit differently now (like it or not!! )        =)  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

doc check up today

So for a quick update, had my doc appointment today, all went well, now i get to go in every week till i have her. (hurray) haha not really cause those exams arent the most comfortable, but def good to know whats going on, on a weekly basis instead of waiting every month to hear how things are.
ok sooooooo Doctor said:
   Im 1cm dilated, and baby is head down, pretty much the norm for 36 weeks, she said i shouldnt go past my due date & i should have her right around if not a bit before April 1st!!!!

We finally started to work on the nursery and my amazing husband put all the big stuff together already (crib, changing tables, bassinet,baby swing) now i have to do my part and decorate it, wash all clothes,blankets and pretty much anything in that room & from the shower.

I have my hospital bag & car seat pretty much ready (in case she comes early) and......hmmm what else is there....... ya thats it for now (-=
oh we are doing some maternity/ belly pictures this weekend, so ill post those as soon as i get them
These are some fun ideas i had in mind photo ideas for my maternity sessions
& Jeff is def stuck doing those with me!! Now if only i can have him take turns at labor n delivery time.
more beer and tv breaks !!
these 2 had to make sure there was nothing left in the box

Saturday, March 3, 2012

8month ~ 3d ultrasound of baby Alexandra

Heres another 3d ultrasound, we did it last week. Im 35 weeks which is 8 months, they said she is weighing in right now at 5lb 4 oz, and should possible gain another 1 1/2 - 2lbs in the next month (= ANOTHER 2LB !!! lol im hoping she does but dear god thats almost half of what she is now! i know i keep saying this but there really is NO MORE ROOM in my belly!!! (= i guess that why they say your skin stretches ALOT in the last month. Well i guess i will continue to keep rubbing coconut butter oil, day n night and praying for NO stretch marks (=


tongue out!!


Heres a little clip of the ultrasound, check out her lips midway through the video!! not sure who she got those from??

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Shower was amazing!

We had the baby shower this past weekend, and it was alot of fun! It was Soooo nice to see everyone that came! Not having family here in San Diego i truelly felt so blessed to have all those friends come and celebrate with us, and my girlfriends that helped with the shower were amazing! I still feel like i cant thank everyone enough for the gifts they brought to just helping out this month. Now that all the guests are gone and the shower is over, last month of pregnancy ill take to relax (=  we started to put the nursery together and its almost done!!!
And with all the gifts from the shower, i think we just about have everything!!
I was lucky enough to have my girlfriends who have kids or taken care of kids go over what i will need and not. Its pretty overwhelming how much baby stuff there is and everything you have to know!! Although it seems funny to me since people have been having kids for millions of years all over the world without it all.
Jeff & I seem that we are both at 8 months!
Maybe its like the song " mo money mo problems" same with all of this, the more we have the ability to get, the more we sometimes complicate our lives. Either way if you dont let it drive you crazy, its all alot of fun.  ( Again thank you to every single one of you, for either help, advise and or beautiful gifts!!)

Sweets Table
Mandys Diaper cake

grandpa & dad to be
my beautiful hostess
drinking beer outta bottle game

group photo <3
view from the place (=

ya he did wear that diaper all day so i had to chck it for him

match the celebrity with their baby game

we had the guest bring their baby photos and then everyone had to play and match guest to photo! this was jeffs

The rest of the photos are on my facebook (=

Greating Cards