Thursday, May 24, 2012

time, time is no longer mine ~ 7 weeks

my 31st birthday & mothers day (happen to be on the same day)
 My sweet Alexandra, you sure keep me busy these days (=. so much to say but, i gotta get some sleep in there somewhere  
Well you defiantly dont let me get bored, wish i could say your a super easy baby and you never cry, but.... That's not the case. When u sleep your of course an angel, but when u are awake, you don't skip a beat.

Although we have taken  you almost everywhere now, and i do everything with you attached to me side. Your asleep when this all happenes. Since you sleep alot for the most part, and def through everything,  (although your sleep only last 30min to a few hrs) it still makes it easy to take you anywhere.
 But..... when you are awake ......totally different story!
Im learning all your signs and cues for what you need and want, cuz when you wake up, you demand 100% of my attention.
 Rather its to be; fed, changed, played with, rocked, burped or just to held you want it all!!!  Sooooo there is no putting you down and letting you entertain youself. I guess its only fair since  when u actually sleep nothing seems to phase you.

morning time
Although im learning everyday and hopefully getting better at juggling everything, iv realized time is rarely mine and when it is, i have to choice wisely on what to do with it.

At night i sleep when you are sleeping and wake up every 2-3 hrs with you for when you need to be fed and changed. But that the easy part. Its during the day that gets tricky. I try to get stuff done when your taking a lil cat nap but with alot to do everyday, it doesnt always work out.

I understand why people say " you wont have much time to do anything once you have a baby"  well thats not entirely true, you have some time, but it just gets cut in half. Half mine n the other half yours.

Which leaves me now only a quarter of time i use to have to do everything.

The hardest part for me, has been tring to learn how to put the rest of the world on hold when I'm busy w/you, and not get stressed out or feeling bad about doing so.

Whatever I happen to be doing or is going on during the day me, the moment your eyes open, the whole world kinda has to go away.
Your needs have to be taken care of first before mine and everyone else's.
Its NOT hard to do that when you love someone so much,  but the hard part comes when i get back to the world i realize how much more i have to do & how behind i am at times.

Since your so little still, you dont have a predicable schedule yet and at any moment you can go to sleep or be awake.
OB street fair
So its now just a game of figuring out what needs to get done when, and how fast can i do it.

I always said " I love challenges" and u keep me nothing short of that.

All that aside i can honestly say all the hard times become worth it, when you are happy. Ya maybe cheesy but true.
You started to smile the other day when i come up close and said something to you in a silly voice, i kept on talking to you as you smiled and fluttered your arms & legs with excitement.
   I quickly tried grabbing my phone to catch a video or pic of your first smile to show your dad, but between not wanting to miss a moment of that and my own  stupid eyes filling up with tears making them so blurry, i didnt get a chance to.

this is how we roll now

watching a pregnant bikini contest (your in disguise)

your dad tring to change your diaper @ a festival

grandpa george
first bath!! u loved it!

del mar (watching the solar eclipse)

First, Mothers Day as a mother
First, smile at me
First, making other baby sounds
First, passing gas non stop (;
First, seeing you grow out of your clothes
First,  grasp of a toy above you w/ those hands you havent discovered yet

beachy time

Friday, May 4, 2012

1 month old !

HAppy First month Of life my Sweet GIRL :)

How could this be??
I just can't believe that time is flying by this fast...
And I know I say that every week.. but honestly....
What am I going to do when she turns 1?
Not 1 month old... but 1 year old.
Oh lord, cant even imagine that.
I just want to bundle her up and keep you young forever...
And at the same time, we love to watch her grow.
To watch her personality unwind right in front of our eyes.
To watch her, as she discovers life.
To just watch her sleep
I could do that forever.
Sit there. And Stare.

~You woke up this morning so adorable... I gave you ten million gazillion kisses and told you how much I loved and adored you... and then I tried singing you a little elvis tune...
All you wanted though was the boob. Yep, mom, just give me the food already and shut up!
I'm sure that's what you would have said if you could talk...

So much has happened this past month,

First car ride
First time home
First time meeting your grandma Connie & your uncle Alex
First time meeting few of our close friends ( who are going to be your San Diego family)
First outing to a restaurant,
First smile in your sleep
First real bath
First Easter
First coo and ahh
First explosion, one of many

Milestone: You are constantly staring at everything around you. The lights. The fans. The walls. You name it, you are just taking it all in. You are more alert, throughout the whole day, u take cat naps during the day and u are wide awake between 9pm~2am. Your head control is unbelievable, I can't wait for the day that you will be able to hold your own head. You babble & grunt all the time, it is so cute. You can tell mommy's and daddy's voices.. sometimes at night when you start waking up for a feed you make tons of noises, then jeff & I start talking to decide who will go change the diaper, ( usually i get the pleasure ) and you become dead silent... as though you are just listening to us... it is adorable, I love it! You are able to sit better, supported obviously, and often times it makes you look like a chubby baby,with a huge beer belly ( but still the cutest thing ever to me)

Funniest moment & first lesson learned so far:
Well first night home I rocked u to sleep in your new bassinet as I went to sleep myself, completly forgetting about the whole ( waking up at night every two hours at night) so I didn't really have everything out n ready.
Needless to say you woke up few hrs ltr ready to be changed n to eat, well being that it was a first night on my own ( without nurses from the hospital) I was a little bit disoriented, I grabbed a diaper n put u down on my bed with one baby wipe ( haha I learned quickly after that!!) always change baby on a changing pad with box of wipes n everything out n ready!
Well as I began to change u, you thought it would be so cute to pee as I took your diaper off, so I grabbed u off the bed trying lay something down and that's when you decided to go # 2!! Yep! All over me! So after that I'm the one that needed all new clothes n a bath! Your dad laughed pretty hard but..... being that your a fair girl and didn't want him to be left out, the next day as he was changing your diaper n looked closely to see if you were clean, you squeezed something out and pretty much shot him in the face !!

Clothes Size:
Newborns still, surprisingly. But 0-3 months fit great as well!
Hair Color:
At birth: Very dark
4 weeks: light brown in certain lights and dark in others.
Eye color:
At birth: Very dark blue
4 weeks: Lighter blue.... i think they are here to stay, those baby blues! but not sure yet what version of blue they will be...

HAPPY 1 MONTH OLD BIRTHDAY PRINCESS! Mommy and Daddy are in awe of you! You amaze us day after day! MUAH!

first time at the bay
apssing out like a lil drunk every time after u eat
how i toture u with kisses
pretty sure u were tring give jessica n i the middle finger, but all we wanted to do was take a pic of the cute hat she gave u

Greating Cards