Friday, January 27, 2012


Ya I know this is probably natures way of preparing us or me for the baby waking up at night, but already!?!? Iv read insomnia will sometimes take place in the third trimester but didn't think it would really happen, well it did!!! Ok it's not to terrible since I'm a night owl anyway. But I haven't been able to go to sleep till 4am every night for the past two weeks now. I Can't seem to get comfortable /: it feels like I ate a huge thanksgiving dinner, 3 times in one night & it never got digested.

Every week I wonder, how in the world is this child going to get bigger when it literally seems like at any moment, I'm about to burst like an inflated balloon. but yet every week she and I get bigger!
As much as all the new side effects aren't easy ( back ach, heartburn, insomnia, inflating belly, feeling like u gotta pee every ten min, and just overall getting use to the new body). <~~~( just to name a few) I'm becoming more use to being pregnant and enjoying it more in a way. Im honestly still so astonished when i see her move, it's such a crazy but cool feeling. I think its defiantly a close bonding experience to feel her move, kick, wiggle and hiccup. Especially when I'm the only one that knows that it's happening. Not sure if anyone ever thought this as a kid or not, but do you remember if you've ever had a fav person ( like a best friend,grandparent, or parent) and all you wanted to do was shrink them and put them in your pocket & carry them with you all day long??? Lol well that's kinda what it feels like. You have this little person you already love some how and you get to bring them every where with you, and you get to keep them warm and safe while you go about your day. So now i can understand how people can say they "enjoy being pregnant." I'm so so excited to see her face & meet her, (more then anything right now) but in a way I think im gonna miss feeling her every move, day and night :/

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Shower!!!

Baby Shower Sunday 
Feb 26th 2012
Let's get together play some crazy prego playdoh  sculpting games then have a few cocktails & celebrate the beginning of a new legacy
 "Alexandra Riis Wormington"  being brought into this world!!!
    So RSVP asap, Save this date, (Feb 26th, Sunday @1pm) and we will send you the rest of the details.
  Its a coed party so dates and significant others are allowed!!!
 We are working on the venue  at this moment, but it will include Food, Music, Games, Prizes And of course all kinds of (STRONG) pink cocktails.
***we are registered @ "Babies r Us" under "elena wormington" or go online to view our registry Babies "R" Us- Baby registry

& We also registered with Amazon @ Amazon's Baby Registry

To view the actual shower invite click on ~~>> Elena's Baby Shower

Monday, January 16, 2012

29 doc appointment

Checkup went great, got another ultrasound and everything is growing as scheduled.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Limited abilities ??

I think sometimes we take the our freedom & abilities for granted. Jeff & some friends bought a groupon to a trapeze class a while ago, and of course flying through the air with a harness around my belly is not really allowed, so I just went to go watch them. Having been pretty adventures and loving, heights, climbing & swinging, it made me pretty jealous to watch them play and not being able to join. So ya I think when we are able to do anything we want, the moment we are physically limited, we realize what we use to take for granted. As I did today! They did let me play a little bit on the silk ropes :) but it def wasn't as easy hanging upside down with a belly in my way.
Either wAy maybe Alexandra can look at these one day and wonder why her parents didn't join the circus, ( seeing as how talented they were n all ;) )

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

28 weeks! 3rd trimester !!

In the 3rd Trimester! Pretty exciting =) all is good so far! We got a bit busy with holidays, new years and work this month, and it flew by so fast.
Looking forward to 2012, i know life will change this year or at least thats what everyone says. but they always follow up with "but it'll change for the better" so getting we are both def getting more excited and anxious!!
  I have a doc appt. tomorrow so ill further update, but everything is going great this far, well except for the heartburn,  putting on my shoes and a few other pregnancy things, feeling pretty good otherwise.

She is moving around a ton, and i still cant seem to get use to looking down at my belly and having it move around and twitche (Looks like theres an alien in there!!) ok here r some pics =)

Alexandra moving around this morning!! pretty crazy (watch carefully, she really is a ninja!)

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