Thursday, October 27, 2011

17 weeks

17 weeks

i cant imagine getting much bigger, even tho i know its going to happen, iv never had a belly this big so its a bit odd!

This is about what 17 weeks look like, (from the inside) the baby is around 5 inch long and weighs about  5oz
So for all the people that are expecting a bigger belly, (not just yet) she is to small still to make me look that big, instead it looks more like a beer belly
Lucky for Jeff i have not had any weird mood swings or crazy cravings, not sure he knows how good he actually has it, :)

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Chrystal said...

You are just way to cute:) And yes my dear you will get bigger:( But that beautiful baby girl will be well worth it.... Cant wait to meet her, Why cant we just be pregnant for like 6 months it would be so nice..

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