Sunday, November 13, 2011

Half way there! 20 weeks

Yah! So I guess 20 weeks is a bit of a milestone, for one it's the half way mark Of the pregnancy, and two it's the half way mark of seeing and holding her for the first time! Yep I'm still nervous as ever for the birth and having a healthy baby come out, but im also so excited to meet her n see who has been living inside my belly!!
I'm for sure feeling her kicks, punches and moving around, alot more now, and I LOVE it.
It some how helps me know she's alive and ok in there's. (as I'm sure I'm not the only pregnant girl that freaks out and worries about the worst sometimes).

ohhhhh and today is mine and the babies half birthdays, haha..... so in exactly 6 months ill be celebrating my 31st birthday and in 20 more weeks our baby will be celebrating her birthday! lol
20 weeks
20 weeks

this is what a 20 week baby looks like by now

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