Wednesday, February 22, 2012

34 weeks n ready not to be pregnant anymore

By far I think the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant after 33 weeks!
Yes it's all a very cool surreal experience like no other, but let's be real- who likes not being comfortable ??? I mean there's no way around it!
The beginning was mostly feeling like your car sick all day and now the end feels like the car ran you over and is somehow sitting on your chest!! :)
So again where are these women that say they " loved being pregnant"???

well i suppose the second trimester wasn't to to bad, but still! Your limited to everything and you kinda just look like you grew a beer belly instead of a baby bump, so people look but don't want to ask. Yes your hormones and the constant fatigue seem to subside & you can actually sleep most
Of the night,
But who has fun not being able to eat and drink what you once could ( meaning sushi & wine) and not being able to fit into your fav jeans!
Now third trimester.... Mostly what they warn you about is true! And here is some stuff I found in this in one book that im reading, so I thought i would share lol

1. No sushi
2. 24/7 morning sickness
3. 40 weeks (ten months) of pregnancy
4. No asprin
5. Dog nose (u smell EVERYTHING, & most of it makes a nauseas!!)
6. 'Glow' is actually sweat
7. Bigger boobs aren't always better when they feel like two cantaloupes resting on a watermelon
8. Heartburn
9. Ungodly constipation
10. CRC (cant remember crap)
11.Walking like a penguin ( cuz everything is pulling, big, & hurts)
12.Final erosion of personal identity
13. Pregnant women are hornier (is a lie!!!!) how can you be when every position feels like your playing twister in a fat suit!!
14. Difficulty Breathing
15. Difficulty Sleeping
16. No hot tubs
17. Spongelike water retention
18. Clumsiness
19. 'Due Date' is a figure of speech

But overall I wouldn't trade it for the world ;) here r some belly pics

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