Friday, November 2, 2012

just about 7 months

My sweet daughter, i apologize i havent written in more then a month, but i can blame it all on you, since you keep my hands tied up from morning till night.

First of all! aside from rolling back n forth this month you have become more mobile all together. Your not crawling yet but you sure love to walk!!

Your dad and I are pretty convinced that you will walk on your own before you crawl. (Since mine and his family's say that's what we did) For more then a month as long as we hold your hands and walk with you, you walk right along, one foot ahead of the next, actually you've been doing that since you were 5 months.

You can now pull yourself up on things and stand on your own ( as long as your holding on to something)

You started eating solids more regularly ( puree since you have no teeth yet )
So far i started steaming then pureeing you sweet potato, carrots, apple, pears and string beans and some mornings all make oatmeal then blend it so your toothless face can eat it. Some days youll be all about eating and others not so much.

Your wanting to become more independent, rather its trying to grab the spoon when i feed you and trying to do it yourself to wanting to jump, crawl, climb explore everything. You cant quite do any of those things yourself so you get frustrated and make a funny short squeal type scream. Just to let everyone know you are not happy and need to be moved or entertained immediately. ( which your dad and i get a good laugh out of before doing what you want)

Your definitely a little princess and like to be moving, entertained  and stimulated every min, but your truly so sweet and as long as we are doing something and you can observe you are very happy.
You lovveeee new people, you love it more when they pay attention to you and talk to you.

Iv completely realized a baby is not just that simple minded and all it needs is food and care. It's so much more.

You for sure know whats going on. you know what you want, (and yes it's not all that complicated yet) But still.
You pay attention to things and have certain feelings about them. I know you can't express it yet in a way we understand but you def have an opinion.
Kinda crazy that a little human that young already feels, knows, wants, all this different things.
You know when people are talking to you or at you or even lot of the time when its about you.

Kids, babies are really fascinating, just when i thought i knew, i realized i really didnt have a clue.
HA actually that applies to everything in life lately! (which actually is kinda refreshing and nice)
Just means there is so much more i can and should learn.
But I watch you everyday and learn so much. It's very cool.

You met your grate Aunt Ann, who was a special person in your dads growing up life.
My brother, your uncle came and saw you again and actually held you for the first time.
Just so you know, you are a very loved little girl (dont let this go to your head) (; but everyone adore's you, from strangers you attract, to acquaintances, to friends, to our close friends and of course family.  You just draw people in, maybe its the toothless little grin. I of all feel the luckiest to have you though.

You had your first Halloween and we took you trick or treating with some other friends and kids ( i kinda loved it and missed it from when i was little)

your uncle Alex and GPA

first pumpkin patch

your cool sling that helps you walk

awww the boys got their faces painted for u

uncle nick found you a pumpkin

i picked out my pumpkin

your gpa kinda looks like a pumpkin
ok ok so as always i can keep writing you more and more but instead ill really just try to blog more often. Cause wayyyyy to much happens and i forget

dont ask


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