Tuesday, March 26, 2013

11 & half months!

I would love to write more and keep up with this, i take sooooo many videos and pictures of you after a month it gets tough to get them all on her. You are walking so so much now and wanting to explore everything, im constantly chasing after you to make sure you dont hurt yourself.
You don't sit for one min. Nope not a sec! It's go go go all day long! It's hard to get you to sit and eat or even change your diaper cuz you r always in the go.

The only way you sit and relax is in the Bjorne or the stroller when we are out and there are plenty of people and things for you to look at.
stink face

getting your tan on
I have pictures I took with my nice camera from Disney grandparents visit beach and cruise that I have to post still. But for now here are some from my phone that I took.

beachy time

not sure why we are all sitting on the kitchen floor

on the boardwalk

duck face

We had to go up there for work and figured we should make a weekend trip out of it and so we took you to Disneyland for the first time.
Yes of course you loved it!! you Ooooohh and ahhhh at everything, and i could barely take you back to the room for naps throught out the day. You walked around and were happy all day.  We didnt think you would really understand or care to much for it all since you are so young, but you def loved it. Really nice trip....here are some pics


strawberry shortcake

playing in the park

your g-pa loves you so much
getting some appetizers


view from our room @ disneyland


after a long day at Disneyland

little minnie

waiting your turn at the park to go on the slide with the big kids

walking with gpa

yep you peed in my bed then showed me! thanks boosa

must seen mam get on her broom at night and fly away (=


Our roughly Daily schedule ; ( these times & activities defiantly vary day to day ) 

 Around 10:30 am you wake up, i change you, you nurse for bit longer and then we play for bit till your ready to get outta bed and get dressed for the day.n

11:30am~1:30pm I pick up  and make your food for the day and some lunch for me,  while i let you run around and play in the living room,  then i give you some fruit to snack on and around

1:30pm you start getting fussy and rubbing your eyes, so i normally put you down for an hour nap.
i nurse you again while you start to fall asleep, ( at that time i get on my phone and try to catch up w/ any with text or emails i need to get back to ) if im lucky you will sleep till

2:30pm if i dont have clients or work i have to do at home, you and i will go to the park, beach or grocery shopping.
 when i have work you'r grandma will come and take you to the park so i can work,

3 pm I feed u again

4pm-4:30 your dad will come home who you get super excited to see the second he walks into the door.

5pm you have some snacks and normally ill take clients in the evenings, (luckily my salon is downstairs so while clients process I run up and spend time with u guys and prep dinner),
but if i dont have any all three of us usually go run errands or somedays we ditch or errands and go down to the beach for some exercise .

6- 7pm i start dinner meanwhile running around the house cleaning & doing laundry etc. we feed you and most times you will take a nap around this time for about 40mins or so

8-9pmwe eat dinner and start winding down for the night, I run up and shower while you guys play & watch some tv, then I give you your bath while your dad showers
10pm I nurse you to bed while we sometimes catch up on a show

4am like a little rooster you wake up hungry so I nurse you for 30 min& back to sleep we both go,

6-7am you wake again, I change you then feed you and back to sleep u go,
Most times I can't fall asleep so I get on my computer and catch up on some work read, or if I'm super tired ill get on Facebook and catch up on what's going on with friends ;) and then ill fall back asleep for bit till
9-9:30am u wake again to eat and fall back asleep for another hour or so till you are up for the day. At this time if I wasn't up most of the night I get up and get myself ready before u wake up. Or somedays if you kept me up ill just sleep in with you.
That's all during the week. On the weekend it's always random since we will go outta town or will be out all day doing something. You take your naps in the stroller or one of us will carry you in the bjone - other then that you love being out and about.
You love to stay busy all day looking,playing observing and learning everything.

You love being around all our friends & pretty much anyone that will give you attention and tell you how cute you are.

You are for sure your fathers daughter seeing how much you love to be the center of attention.
Your grandma Mila says you look identical to me when I was your age except for the way we behave.

I always loved being around lots of people all day but was much quieter and shy.
You on the other hand even at this young age literally come up to anyone and start babbling to them.

You also tend to be a bit of a klepto, I know you don't understand what's yours or not so far. So u have no problem picking up someone's bag or purse and walking away with it. I have to watch you in stores extra carefully so you don't accidentally walk out with something that was not paid for!

You fess less when we r busy all day doing something out and about then during the week at home when we have bit more of a routine

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