Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alexandra Riis Wormington has arrived 6lb 5oz !!!!!!

My love at first sight

  Labor, Delivery and 1st week with our newborn

After 10 hrs of labor, my sweet angel "Alexandra Riis" is finally here!!!! I am completely head over heals in love with her like i cant even explain. It has to be the best feeling iv ever felt. Just knowing she is here, mine, healthy and happy. I really did not think it was humanly possible to love something so fast and so much. Wow.
ok so.... 2 weeks prior to  my delivery i had a doctors appointment, and was told i was probably not even going to make it till my due date and looked like my body was ready to have her any day. Well big mistake on the doctor for telling me that! Cuz not only did i make it to my due date, i went past it! So to say the least i was very anxious for 2 weeks thinking it was going to happen any hour now. 
At my 40 week checkup the doc said we can induce if i went past my due date.  So she made an appointment for me tues early morning to come in and get things going!
 At this point i was 40 weeks & 3 days, so the night before (being crazy excited, nervous and anxious) there was no one i could just go to bed and rest, so i decided to  re clean the entire house, re pack my hospital bag, and basically went nest crazy getting everything ready for the baby to arrive.
tring to induce my self (13 hrs prior to her birth)
Having an exact date to go to the hospital and have a baby was kinda nice, since it gave me a change to get everything ready, and calmly check into the hospital, with out the crazy fuss and pain of regular surprise labor .
OK so come tues morning right as i was about to get up at 6 am i get a phone call saying, " the hospital got super busy with night deliveries and is backed up, So they will have to call me later.
Well they did, 3 hrs later, just to tell me they are still busy and they will call me when they have more rooms and doctors available.
If i thought i was going out of my mind before with anticipation this brought it to a whole new level!!
So to get my mind of the waiting game Jeff n i decided to go for  bike rides, farmers market and dinner. All still looking at our phones every 2 mins to see if the hospital called and is ready.

Well After a long day of keeping ourselves busy we get home and im exhausted, i decided that  the hospital must be to busy and i wasnt going to have my baby that night unless i went into labor on my own ( ((thats also why we did stuff all day, i was trying to induce labor myself so they no choice but to take me))) but nope nothing!!
Baby just was to comfy in there and didnt want to come on her own.
OK so ya, we get home around 830pm and finally get a phone call " Hi elena we r ready for you""
Oh my god, my heart dropped and all the sudden it was time! i went took a quick shower, called my dad and a few friends and told them we were finally having her!
Last sunset in the womb
So we headed of to the hospital!  we checked in and they hooked me up and gave me pitocin ( a drug that helps start contractions ) they asked if i wanted to get an epidural right away, and i told them i was going to wait a bit before getting it, since i wanted to try and do the most natural i could until i couldnt any more (= well 2 hrs later of strong contractions coming on, i decided it was time for the epidural !!!
Wow let me just tell you, i have a whole new respect for women that do it 100% all natural ...i just can NOT understand how women do it?? i experienced contractions for 20 min and before the epi kicked in and iv never felt such uncomfortable pain, WHY  OR HOW people choose to feel that pain, i just dont get!!! Either way after almost taking the handles of my bed from squeezing them so hard, the epidural started to numb my legs and it wasnt so bad after that.
6 hrs after being admitted, and contractions i was finally fully dilated and they said now its time to start pushing!  2 1/2 hrs later, i delivered! when the doc said one last push and all the sudden she was out, Jeff cut her umbilical cord and they handed her to me. It was the most over whelming feeling iv ever felt, it felt like i was outta my body for a few moments, but one of the best feelings ever.

The people in the room, the pain, getting stitched up nothing seemed to matter or exist anymore. Pain & discomfort aside having her  was def the most amazing experience ever. 

getting ready to push

Alexandra Riis Wormington 6lb 5 oz born @ 9:06 am

holding her for the first time

look at those lips!!

those are there just in case... almost made me pass out
first 24 hrs

completely overwhelming

my parents seeing her for the first time

couldn't stop crying
proud grandparents meeting their g~baby
24 hrs later in recovery room holding (just me & her alone for the first time)

shes got my feet (2 toe is longer)

First few days home

We r home and reality sets in,  we have this little person that came home with us and we have to keep her healthy n happy!! Iv been around kids alot and thought i new enough but i was wrong. I felt like she should of came with instructions!!! Every little noise, flutter and movement she makes that im not familiar with, im on the internet making sure its all normal~ lets just say the hospital should thank the internet and the information people can look up, cuz if i didnt have that, id be calling them every five min or buggin my friends that have kids. !!

easter sunday

lil easter basket

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