Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Milestones @ 13 months

Quick update of new milestones!

You now have 4 tooth! Two top two bottom

I no longer have to give you little bity pieces if stuff, You can chew mostly anything semi soft and you always like to feed yourself.

You mostly use you fingers to eat but lately you wanna try and eat with a fork

You said your first two syllable word this weekend!!! And it was "cracker". Haha. You have these favorite crackers of yours from trader joes that you love. So when all else fails and you don't want to eat I ask " do u want a cracker ? " and you always say" da" ! So today when I had you're crackers in my hand and I said what is this you said " cra-ca" and then you said it million more times! You also say mamamamamaa very well and ALOT!

You do try to make out same sounds we make and have come close to saying certain words.

You imitate everything we do, like blow our noise, wipe something down, smell something or make a face.

You have a million facial expressions and baby babble noises you make.

You gesture alot. Point, wave, blow kisses, pucker lips and give kisses, so no no no with your hand. You can nod yes or no. You laugh, giggle,grim, smile,squint your eyes when you flirt or something is sour, you say ah oh and woaaahh whenever something is interesting to you.

You say woof woof woof when u see any kind of dog, and meeeeo for cat.

Airplanes and motorcycles make u stop and look up or point.

You are getting n even better at all your dance moves!

You can go up 3 flights of stairs all by yourself ( with me or jeff always behind your little butt)

Your walking is devolving into a little run when you get excited.

You love swimming pools and trying swim on your own (even tho u can't yet )!!

Your hair is getting longer, lighter and curlier and your eyes are def a pretty sky blue color as your hair is a strawberry blondish tint.

You love touching your head and hands to your toes and doing a little yogi pose .

You r a ball of energy and so much fun now! I love it.!

You like to open and close everything, pull toilet paper out and undo it.

Putting things in things is always fun for you.

You do know when we so "No" and most time you even listen ( unless u r fussy)
Mostly I can't complain :) Except you waking up a night still to eat and have me nurse you back to bed! Ok it's not so bad most times. :)
This week we celebrated Mother's Day for the 2 time and my Bday the next day !
You make me laugh and smile every day and every time I think it's not possible I do fall more in love with u everyday

I love u always n forever

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