Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday !!!!!

I woke up just an hour ago at 9:05 this morning ( crazy cuz u were born at 9:06am ) I'm laying here watching you sleep while remembering this day two years ago, so bittersweet. Seems like iv been your mom forever and can't remember what life was really like before having a child, yet you change so fast that at times I already miss some of the baby moments.

Ohhhhh  so many emotions today. So I'm just gonna savor these last moments of quite time n memory's before you wake up, family comes over and celebrations begin!!!
Today we are just doing some family stuff and taking you to a bouncy world. Tomorrow we celebrate with  everyone and having a big party for you!!

 My darling daughter all I want to say is I love you more then I can ever explain, so so proud to be your mom & feel extreamly blessed that you are my in our lives. You make us smile everyday, you ground us, motivate us, keep us on our toes ( literally, cuz your always moving), challenge us, make us stop and take in life, make us understand how deep love can run, bring us all closer then ever, as you are the true center and focus of our lives. We love you so much baby girl.

Birthday bubble bath
Making some Mickey blinchkie.  Taste better then it looks. 
You were 8 days old here with your grannie Connie 

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