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Worm #2. Coming march 29th!!

So it's July 21st and I'm writing this all down now but probably won't post it till another month or so. 
Jeff and I decided we wanted another child little bit ago and thought we would start trying this summer.
I said it as a joke, saying " well if we conceive this July they can have birthdays in the same month" 

Since Alex was conceived on July 4th weekend 2012.

Well haha ..... Be careful what you wish for....... 

Took a pregnant test ( and then 3 more just to confirm)!!!! Yaya maybe I have slight denial issues and don't always believe the tests :) 

They are all positive πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
So looks like you are going to be a big sister!!  & have to share your birthday month ... ( sorry about that) 

But Whooh as much as we were more ready this time, and even planned it, I still felt bit light headed after that line started to turn pink.   
I sat there in complete dis believe that it was happening again. I think the flood of all those emotions is what makes the moment so sireal.
You feel so excited, nervouse, amazed, scared, then thinking again on how things will forever change (big or small) from this moment on. 
How will we ever love someone else as much as we do you, How am I gonna chase after two kids? Give enough attention to the both, dress, worry about, play with, make sure both are feeling loved and not left out!?!?
I think about every single thing I do with you, but how do you devide that into two now?? 
Ok I know people do it with two three even ten !!  And yes those people deserve a metal of honor and prob early very early retirement but still. How am I going to do it, no idea.  
But I think about before you were born and all the things I couldn't completely comprehend that came pretty fast and naturally after having you. 
So I'm guessing the same happenes with the 2 child ( i hope ) 
 In a way a second child is by far easier in the fact that you feel like you have some experience now and at least know little bit what to expect. 
But still it's a crazy feeling finding out.

 Week 3
So since I won't be post this for another few weeks.  I'll just update this.
Well we have our first doc appt. Aug 14!! That's probably one of the most exciting and nerve wrecking appointments.
Even tho the pregnancy test are positive. That first doc appt. confirms and actually sees if there's a vital heart beat and if everything looks as it should. So until then I'm trying to relax, not worry, and think good thoughts as I feel all is going as it should.

----Ok aug 14th doc app update---
First appointment went great! Ultra sound as well as everything looking good. Very hard to tell much at this point except that there is a little one growing  and it has a heartbeat. 
Saw the little tiny baby ( that literally looks like a caterpillar) on the ultrasound and saw the little flicker of a heart beating inside..... Such a cool feeling to see that as well as putting some nerves at ease ( for now)  
--babies first heart rate measured at 141--and first picture 😘😘

After the doc appt. we decided to let most of our friends and family know 

Since iv been pretty nauseas and super tired and didn't wanna make excuses for why I couldn't drink all the sudden either. Haha.  

Got Alex this shirt and send the pic to family n friends.  With the headline ..... 

"Pink or blue either one will do, I wished for a playmate now mommies due. πŸ™ŠπŸ’—March 29"

Doc appt # 2.  13weeks now 
Sep 22 
Everything going good so far, baby's heart beat 154, saw it moving around, saw its tiny little hands and feet! Pretty crazy how human like it looks at only 23 weeks and about 3".  

So here is the profile of face and body
Here it is the arm and hand kinda waving 
Face profile
And although it's still pretty early to tell and the nurse said it's not %100 sure yet and we will know when they do the full anotomy check, but she got a pretty good view and gave me a little clue to what the sex of the baby is πŸ™Š. 
Ohhhh boy. πŸ˜‰ 

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