Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Registry?! Baby Shower!

So when do you start buying stuff for the baby, decorating the room, registering for gifts?? what do you buy before the baby comes oppose to after?? i know there are defiantly essentials, but what about all the other things??   I dont even have a name picked out!!! Although i havent done or gotten any baby stuff, i defiantly starting prepping the house and getting things in order. The need to have everything clean and organized is something that iv been obsessing a bit over, ( which in my case is about time ) .
Our roomate moved out and now i can move all my salon stuff down to his room and start the build out to that along with getting the nursery ready. So maybe im right on time...???

Anyway my next step is "baby shower" i know we are planning on having it at the end of February all i need now is to figure out where and how :)
iv had ideas from possibly doing a wine tour and bus, to just having people at my house and having it catered, to banquet room to renting out a part of restaurant, but cant seem to choose. I want to have time to just spend time with all my ladies and do some baby stuff to have a big coed get together with all the family and friends. Decisions, decisions!!! Maybe we can do both!
But any ideas or suggestions will help !! And if you girls are reading this, i just wanted to say thanks you.... Mandy, Masha & Tristen for all offering to help me plan this. =) well ill narrow it down this week and email you girls and we can go from there??
Also iv looked up popular registry iteams for first time moms, not sure what ill really need or not yet but feel free to let me know what is actually useful and not or what else i need to add.

My Baby Registry


Kayla Shaff said...

Well I know I used a swing a lot for Paige when she was little to get stuff done around the house. A diaper pail is a must! Keeps the diapers outta sight and helps with the smell, make sure to get extra baking soda air freashener things cause it doesnt last and can start to stink in the pail. A swaddling blanket is a life saver to help get the baby to sleep longer thru the night, it makes them feel secure like they did when they were in the womb. A car seat/stroller combo is nice when they are still newborn's so you don't have to worry about if your car seat will fit into a jogging stroller. Just make sure to get one with good tires that is easy to steer on lenolieum floors(grocery stores). That's just a few things that I found very helpful when Paige was little and when I was still figuring things out. :) love you sis, let me know if you need anything else!!

Rachel G. said...

As far as the shower, I recommend NOT doing co-ed. Unless you know for sure there are guys that would like to be there. I went to a co-ed shower recently, and they did it as a BBQ on Mission Bay, but the guys were still bored out of their minds. Definitely keep it all girls. We don't want them there anyway! ;) My sister-in-law rented out a room in a restaurant and that worked out really well, but you have a great house for entertaining, so you might want to take advantage of that. Just my thoughts! Let me know if you need help with anything!

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