Thursday, December 22, 2011

6 months preggo!

I always thought that being 9 months pregnant would feel like a lifetime, especially since you kinda gotta change your life style and cut back on a lot things you use to enjoy doing, but it seems so far that these last 6 months flew by. After seeing the 3d pictures made this seem a bit more real, haha I guess when you can actually put a little face to something, reality sets in.
Although looking at that video it's still so hard to imagine that a little human is inside of your belly, sucking her thumb, moving around, listening & sleeping. More and more I want to meet her already & see her little face :) Well I guess soon enough!
So she's probably 1lb and 11 oz now, with only 3 months to go she has about another 6- 7 lb to gain,and as do I.
Here r some pics :)

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