Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adjusting to the new life

It's amazing how many things change so quickly. Yet you somehow learn to love it and accept it. Well maybe not love all of it (like the complete lack of
Sleep!) but all the things I thought I'd miss or couldn't do without, somehow don't even seem to phase me anymore.
Don't get me wrong, there are def moments where I just wanna crawl n in hole and cry. And I wonder how in the world am I can to get everything done in my life, plus raise a normal, healthy, happy,well adjusted child.
And I usually do have a quick meltdown, but luckily I have my husband that's keeps me sane and when it's my turn to freak out, he knows how to calm me down and reassure me everything will be ok.
Alexandra actually has been a little sweetheart, but the past few days she's hitting " growth spurts" which means being fussy, crying, changing diaper and eating every moment. Which then ties up my hands and leaves very little time for anything else.
Our family n friends have all been sweet enough to offer help, But we are really trying to handle it all ourselves. Maybe once she's bigger n a bit older I'll be able to have people watch her, but for now, I feel uneasy if she's outta my sight ( I'm sure that will change too, once I realize people can't break her). There so much more but im way toooooo tired and since shes sleeping now i better try to do the same.  although if my husband or someone else tells me " sleep whens shes sleeps" im going to make them come over and show me how i can sleep while doing laundry, cleaning house, and taking clients!!!!! (: ohhh and shower, eat and take few min of quite time for myself!
ok ok i know thats prob good advise but just not that realistic

Her nursery that she doesnt use yet
this is how i get ready now (her in the sink w/me)
from the newborn photoshoot
my sweet doll
Feeding her for the first time out in public
we r both OUT


Unknown said...

Awesome Elena! So happy for you!!!

theMusicalFruit said...

Love this...

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