Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 months~ Patience and Intuition

def my baby
WOW, i guess you keep me that busy that i havent updates in 2 months!!!

i dont even know where to start..... yes every single parent i have ever met always told me one thing " they grow up so fast" i never fully understood that till now.

 Every morning i see you, it seems you literally changed and grew over night. From your Smile, to every noise you make changes day to day. From the moment you wake up till the second you go to sleep, I crave to be around you. The big happy grin on your face every morning when you see me is the best feeling in the world. NO matter how tired i am, when i look open up your bassinet you start wiggling and kicking every part in your body with such a joy.

 You’ve developed a clear preference for me, something I tried to avoid by including your dad as much as possible, but secretly enjoy and am happy for. I know that in just a few short months, you’ll become a daddy’s girl, so I savor these moments of being the favorite. We both still can’t believe we have a daughter,i stare at you all the time and am completely at awe that your ours and come out of me. 

The processes and thoughts that go on in your brain are fascinating to me. I see you looking everywhere, trying to make sense of the world, searching out our faces for emotions, waiting for a smile so that you could squeal in delight. You’ve been lifting your head up (looking up) for a few weeks now and that makes you look like such a grown girl.
 You dont ever like to stay still or lay in one spot. You love stimulation and watching everything around you. 

You love when daddy puts your on his arm tummy down and “flies” you all over the house. There’s just a hint of a smile, but mostly a serious face and you scan your surroundings from a different perspective. 
You’ve developed so many preferences. You’ve always been very particular about things you don’t like, but now I see specific things that you LOVE. 

You hate pacifiers yet anything that touches your hand goes in your mouth. you love to nibble on your dads thumb as he carries you in the carrier. 

 You’ve gotten this new habit of arching your back at everything. I carry you around like a little baby and you arch your back and look at everything upside down and you just love it. I think you’re loving the new control you have over your body so anytime I hold you, you look like a curved C. 

Everything is defiantly becoming easier, as i learn about you ( although you keep changing) im iv become so much more intune with you and can tell usually what you want and what your trying to tell me. 

As your growing more & more everyday, iv noticed such as change in myself, in the past 4 months i have changed like never before. Its almost like i have a new perception on everything. Wants, needs, enjoyment, entertainment, friends & family. It all has changed to how i use to see it and how i see it now. 
OK i can keep writing more and more about whats happening since a few days feels like a few months have gone by. BUt now ill just try and write more often. till then here are a some pics
at sea world with your grandma
with your g-ma connie
me in the blk n white and your pic at 4 months
my dad, and now your grandpa
tired lil girl
fathers day pic
mural that we took part in, with your initials in the corner
first time meeting another baby boy
smiling in your sleep
baby Einstein
my crooked lil smile
bath time
aw yooo knw what im sayin

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