Friday, June 1, 2012

8 weeks~from bars to baby bottles ;)

Well since its 2 in the morning i wont make this long.  Theres always lots of stories and things on my mind to say but not always enough time.
I see why people with kids always tell me " they grow up so fast" i think the reason is.... just like anything else in life, when your constantly staying busy, learning, enjoying and being challenged you dont notice time, and there for it fly's by.
I know time will fly by and before i know it, ill be saying " just yesterday you were a baby" .
Therefor im making sure to stop and enjoy those special moments ( when your waking up in the morning all bright eyed making little sounds wating for me to feed you, when u fall asleep on me after you eat with a little smirk on your face as your drifting off to la la land, )  and there are many more.
One of my clients asked me today how was it being a mom, in fact many people ask that, and of course i say oh "great1" i mean what else are you suppose to say ??
But i havent actually really thought about it.    Because everyday since you were born, iv been pretty consumed with just adjusting and learning all about you and my new life, and though things are pretty different now, i haven't really taken the time to think about the bigger picture.
So today when someone asked me that instead of just the usual "great" i thought about it all and explained why n how it feels.
Overall iv realized having a child and being a parent, def makes life more satisfying.
It consumes your heart and mind with an overwhelming new love, that feels amazing and can't be explained. ( & im not saying that cuz everyone says that, im saying it cuz its actually true).

I def never thought i would be one of those people, who could enjoy stayin in on the weekends. But now I couldn't think of anything that was ever better.

We haven't turned into hermits, (trust me) I still miss and enjoy seeing & going out with friends, but its not that important anymore.

I would compare it to dating........ its fun and exciting, but until you find the right person, you just still feel a bit empty, and are looking for something more.

 haha this wasnt suppose to be long... ok well everything else aside...
The exciting news!!!!!!
Last night you slept through the night for the first time!!!!!!!! ( ok it was 12:30am-6am) but thats the longest stretch of sleep you and i have had do far!!!
This didn't come without some freakin out on my part.
The early morning birds and light came in and i opened up my eyes and just about had a heart attack, i jumped outta bed and pulled your bassinet cover down & grabbed you outta of it.( this of course startled you & you began to cry)
iv gotten so use to waking up every 2-3 hrs that when that didnt happen, I thought something was wrong.
After realizing your ok & breathing, i was so excited, you slept that long, I couldn't go back to sleep /=
i think the trick was the swaddle! 
i tried when you were first born, but you didnt like it very much, so i stopped.
hangover 3
My dad watched you the other night and said, you whack yourself in the face while sleeping and wake your self up.
He said to try and swaddled u again, and so i did. IT WORKED!!
This is why i had time to come n write on there, i figured i would have some time to watch tv, write n sleep a little before you woke up. now that i have 5 more hours!!! keeping my fingers crossed thats true & u will keep this up (=

                                                                                                        (First time attempting to talk)

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