Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old vs New

your grandma with me and now u!!
There are so many believes, rules and options on how to raise a child. Along with everyone's opinions,  experience, and knowledge.
 It could almost confuse you more then help you.

I truly believe there's something to be learned from everyone.
From old-school to new-school.
There are so many great things that doctors will never let you know, and can only be passed down from generation to generation.

On the other hand new technology, resources and knowledge  have proven new methods can sometimes be better.
So learn a little about alot and gather your own ideas.

Don't Let ANYONE make you feel bad or judge you for doing what you think is best!
for every human is different and cant follow the same exact guidelines.
With that being said..... Here is an article i just had to share with you guys since its based on my similar believes. I hope it helps reinforce the positive parenting techniques for moms who are trying hard to be responsive.

It’s hard work but it is natural, instinctive and well worth it.


[don't read it from the standpoint of "omg that one time I let my baby cry, she's scarred for life", but from the standpoint of the background on human history for why babies need to be responded to and not left to cry until they are over with it]

swimsuit time!!!

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