Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 months today!!

my vampire baby hates the sun in her fac
This is getting serious! You are one amazing curious wonderful determined hilarious fun bundle of energy! I don’t know for how long I’ll continue repeating that it just doesn’t seem like you’ve been here for mere 5 months and yet I can’t believe how much you have grown in such little time.
You’re getting more and more fun to be around. Everything makes you laugh, you’re interested in everything, you want to touch everything, you want to move, move, move. I just love you so much more with each and every day. You are a true joy to us!

I’ve been searching for ways to talk to you and tell you the story of how you grew up and nothing I come up with seems significant or important enough. While this blog is a mix of my journey to parenthood, our life events and discoveries, I still feel there’s something missing. Something that is coming from deep within my heart, that makes it so easy to write and express my feelings about being your mommy. And what I realized is that what’s missing is me talking directly to you, so that some day when I am not even there, you could read these words and know your mommy loved you and did everything to ensure the best life for you.
So I’d like to start Letters to Alex, as a way of talking to you through time. Maybe you will be able to go back to these when you have children of your own, when you’d be able to relate better.

You like:
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider (especially when the rain comes down)
  • Standing up while holding my fingers
  • Food ( you seem to lick your lips very time i sit and eat)
  • Gumming things, especially our fingers
  • Blankets you can pull in your mouth
  • Baths
  • Morning kiss's
  • Facing out in a carrier
  • Funny People
  • Watching mommy and daddy eat
  • Mommy
  • Hitting mommy’s face while sleeping
  • Laughing with mommy
  • Looking around (that’s an understatement)
  • Pool
  • Being thrown in the air
  • When I hug you really close
  • Daddys smile
  • Your bouncy entertainment activity center (or whatever it is called)
  • Nakey time
  • Looking up while arching your back
modeling a winter collection in the summer!!
Things You Dont Like:
  • Getting your diaper changed the middle of the night
  • People bouncing you to much
  • Boys with deep voices
  • Sun in your face
  • Taking a nap
  • Getting dressed
  • Me out of your sight
  • People holding you in a cradle position
your first bike

blue eyed girl

oh no what did u teach u??!!!!!

your modeling my hat collection

smiling daisy

just wanna take a bite out of those cheeks

your first book (u rather eat it then read it)

learning how to use my camera to torture you with more pics!!

you swim like a lil frog  cutest thing ever

little gansta

after a long day at the pool and beach!!

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