Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost 10 months & walking!

You ARE OFFICIALLY A Fidgeter! And I know this cuz i am just as bad! I’m sorry to say but you got that from me. Oh man, you toss and turn and move and stick your butt up and roll and sit up and lie down and bury your head… You just can’t find a comfortable position, just like me! Until you do and then you’re finally asleep.

Speaking of sleep, it’s a hit or miss, based on where you are in the developmental schedule. When you’re trying to work on something (pulling up, crawling, walking) you start napping 30-40 minutes at a time and just excited to get back to practicing. When you’ve mastered a skill, you go back to 1-2 hour long naps, which are wonderful! Nights usually depend on whether you’re teething or not. You now wake up about 3-4 times a night, unless you’re teething and in that case you tend to wake up crying every hour.

You have also began putting your head on my shoulder last month, but lately it’s been the cutest thing. When you’re shy or you’re tired or you want some love, you just lean in, snuggle in and rest your head on me. Oh my! I melt!

modeling our little headband collection

my fav pouty  face
Headbands collection named after you! Alexandra Riis

visiting your dad at work while eating some fro yo

ice cream n stroll at the beach

i might have a pic like this for every month, you love your dada

new friends

people watching on the boardwalk

getting some sun on the bay ( pretty sure you heard music and picked your hands uppp)

All you would want to do after waking up from a super short nap is pull up. “Going to sleep? Nah! Why don’t I pull up some more?” You pull up on everything: walls, gates, chairs, mommy, daddy, trashcans, air purifiers, even piles of laundry( Yes, they often get that high). You quickly learned to stand with one hand holding whatever it is you pulled up on and the other hand looking for something fun to grab.
Crawling quickly picked up speed this month compared to last month. You can easily crawl off our bed ( so no more days of laying you down for a min while I go grab something) you also can easily pick your self up and jump outta your basset ( so the second I hear you making and noises at night I watch and make sure your not trying jump out!) You also have enough strength in your legs to do squats over and over again while holding onto something. ( And lately on your own for 30 sec or so)
Not sure how much iv mentioned you LOVE music before but it never fails! The sec you hear any beat you start dancing.
Ill have to post a videos later. It's so cute, you def have a signature dance you do.

Then came the whole “getting down safely” thing. You never really had a period where you couldn’t get down or were afraid to. You did fall on your butt a little harder than I liked a few times, but after that you have quickly figured out to lower yourself first. But from that moment on, you would pull up, sit down, pull up, sit down, pull up, sit down. NON-STOP! Now you’ve mastered it to the point of boping and squating.

Showing off! haha you are def your daddy's girl when it comes to being the center of attention. you have begun showing off this month and it is THE MOST ADORABLE THING I have witnessed so far. The second we are around a bunch of friends or pretty much anyone giving you attention other then me, you literally light up! You know who is talking to you or about you cuz when they do, oh, theres the talking, smiling and tongue sticking, leg kicking, turning around, pulling up ( all while looking to see if people are still watching )

So your milestones this past month have been;
You took your first few steps all on your own!! You were walking holding on to the couch and your grandpas then I walked over stood close to you and called you, you walked right into my hands!! I did that a few times and each time id call you over you would walk to me as long as i was close.
- you can stand on your own as well. We put music on for you and stand you up and you will bounce to it until you realize I'm not holding you. Then you sit down right away.
- you learned to clap, so often time now when u do something on your own you clap for yourself.
-your being more expressive, making more sounds, head gestures and faces. You can nod your head yes and no. Although " no" seems to be your fav. Like when I say " Alex ready to eat??" You start nodding no no no

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