Thursday, January 10, 2013

9 months of life

You are growing at warp speed. Mastering one thing after another. One morning you would wake up and just have this new skill. Since the earlier months I have noticed one remarkable thing. I can SEE cognitive jumps in your development. Like, one day you would just be MUCH smarter than the day before. There’s yet so much for you to learn , so much to master for you but still everyday you do something new.

So this month I have done a pretty bad job of recording all your achievements and the new things that you’re doing, so I will try to write from what I remember.

You have all of a sudden developed a few fears. You are deathly afraid of the vacuum, you scream in a panic and demanded to be picked up whenever we try to vacuum. You're not to crazy about most males holding you ( but usually totally comfortable with females) maybe you pick up on them not totally being comfortable with a baby and thats why you fuss? not really sure, You’re afraid or despise ( might be a better words) for any confined space, so pretty much everything like the ; car seat, stroller, you're rocking chair, walker, bouncy chair, play yard, crib, bassinet.
There are times where I can set you down in your play yard, bouncy or walker but you have to be in the right mood for it, and I have to talk to you and entertain you while you in it, and def can't leave your sight or else you scream.
You love to be free and not tied down or buckled to anything, but unfortunately you still can't walk or or understand what is safe to touch or not, so this makes it very hard for me to just let you be.
You want to explore everything and go where you please, so since you can't walk around yourself you need my finger to hold on while you maneuver your way around.

I am not sure if you’re displaying a fear here, because I cannot exactly tell by your cues, but you seem to yell at the monitor. When you wake up and see a little green light on the monitor, you turn to it and a say a short little “Nah" "nah" over and over again. I don’t think you know that’s how we watch you but something is definitely up there.

Nay nay! – that is your favorite word. I don’t know what it means and you seem to say it randomly but you do say it often. You have the most adorable little girl’s whenever you say anything. Especially your belly laughs.

It amazes me that you’re so little and can’t talk and yet can understand so much. You know " where's dada" ( i do that when he comes home and you get super excited and start to look for him) you know bunch more but I can’t think of right now, all the standard words like mama dada kiska ( kitty in russian) give me, no, pee k boo, dance, bouncy, and etc, I mostly speak Russian to you when we are alone so you known all those words in both languages for the most part.

For New Years this year we decided to take you back to my home town Chicago .
As well as surprise you're great grandpa on his 85 birthday.

Well first of let me just say you did very well on the plane ride there and pretty much back. You slept most of it with the other time just wanting to stand up on my lap and look at people in the aisle, and tear up sky mall magazine.

The day we flew in was my grandpa bday so we showed up at his house, knocked on the door and sat you in front of it, while Jeff and I hid.
Aw let me tell you he was surprised! He opened the door and looked past you then took him a few sec until he realized to look down ( as u made noises) then he started calling for my grandma saying oh my god oh my... Look who it is!! He called you a few different names (mine, my moms,my aunts, my brothers,) until he finally got it right. He got little teared up and flustered and just kept on saying how what, how, what did you get here?!??
You made his whole year and birthday, both grandma n him seemed over the moon.
It was very sweet to see you meet my grandparents.
Iv been very close to them my whole life and spent every summer and any vacation with them. You're great grandpa taught me how to swim, dance & draw.

Needless to say I'm beyond happy you got to meet them & they got to hold you and play with you. Although time and distance and them getting old has made it harder to stay closer to them, they still mean the world to me.

Here are some pictures ;)

4 generations ~ my daughter, mom and grandma

you're great-grandparents meeting you for the 1st time

my grandpa Jacob
my grandma Lana

grandparents in the 1950s

grandma lana in the 1940's

fam photo

iv known this girl since i was 14

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