Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogging daily??

So I started following other bloggers lately and one thing I noticed I personally liked it when people were making posts every day or just few times a week with their daily pics of doing reg stuff. I know anyone i like or follow, I'm always interested in what they r doing,'eating wearing, thinking etc.
it's like my morning news paper, I get ideas, knowledge and inspiration from other people.
So I figured since I take tons of pics of baby Alex & every new thing she does, maybe I can share bit more.
So was kinda wondering to hear from u guys ... often post with just day to day pics would be something Alex one day would like more???or even just for anyone that following this blog would enjoy ??

I just hit over ten thousand views so its def cool to see people are reading and possibly connecting to this blog. But mostly iv enjoyed just hearing friends n family talk to me about all this. Thank you all for the support and let me know your thoughts !

walking the streets of la jolla on this gloomy day

she escaped from me as i was changing her diaper

with  18month buddy cadden

just a self pic (=

(at our shop) flirting with customers

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