Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wind of changes

" Change" "priorities " " different perspective" while associated with many other things these terms defiantly describe parenthood.
" Change is only understood when its taken place " Meaning we never truelly understand something until we are submerged in it, no matter how prepared you think you are, no matter how much it's around you, no matter how many people you know in that its happened to, or how many times you say it to yourself.
Still many things we don't get until it personally happens to us!
Well parenthood is one of those! ok so tons of updates but you just woke up and i managed to only get the pics up, so will fill you in on all the new stuff later on today <3

"no more diapers no more wipes! i just wanna be naked n free!!"

walkin with dad

"look ma i took this all apart in 2 min"

kiss kiss

Baby-led weaning

"sharing is caring"  (unless you have claws)

beachy day

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and we are out! after a long day at the beach

beautiful day in feb ( yep its 80deg today!!)

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