Thursday, August 22, 2013

1yr & 4months

Yes time seems to be speeding up.  The summer has gone by in the blink of an eye. You continue to amaze and make me smile everyday.
Your personality becomes more obvious each day as well. You are super energetic, curious, observant, smart, careful, very out going, determined, know exactly what you want, ya it's really interesting to see all this at such a young age. 
You are a true Aries ;) 
You have 7 teeth now
You can somewhat say your name ( when I ask " what's your name you say "alya" in the sweetest voice
When I ask how old are you? You say " tre".  Then I say no no babe you are not three,  You are one, you nod your head yes and say " tre" lol. It's funny
You love Micky mouse club and couple other cartoons.
You have couple fav toys. Dolly, pink teddy and the scuttle bug.
Yes you still sleep in our bed :0
You can run pretty fast
Your taking swim classes and doing great. (Except when the instructor throws you in the air and dunks you underwater you get little mad) 
You like two eat the full apple (not cut up in pieces) yep only 7 teeth yet you prefer to try and eat it all at once
You refuse to get spoon fed so I just put the food on the tray and you finger feed yourself
You love potatoes, tomatoes, beans, little trader joe ice cream cones, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, rice cakes, and if you can get a hold our our chips or fries u love those ! 
You love flavor in the food, spice, salt, sweetness, even super tart just not anything bland. 
So we do our best to just give you as natural and raw stuff as possible with some herbs for flavor.   
But that doesn't always work.  Sometimes u just wanna eat what everyone else is eating. ( I don't blame u)
You loveeeee other little kids. Anytime you see one you walk up take it by the hand and start talking your talk.
Yes you talk soooo much but notin any  language we understand, you have so much expression when you speak, like you"re telling some crazy story. 
We just listen to you and say wow, really?? Tell us more! 
I can't wait until I understand more of that you are actually saying, because I know you will always have alot to say with your own interesting opinion to add.

You weigh 24lb now
I can finally put your hair in little pig tails.
You are blonde curly hair blue eyed girl and so so beautiful. 

You have traveled quite a bit with us already, Mexico, Chicago, Boston, Los Vegas, up north to Disney land, Palm Springs. 
You LOVE constant attention
You know when people are talki g about u or to you. If they are not and you want to be included, you will say " ayyy " in a louder voice until you are noticed.

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