Friday, January 10, 2014

21 months and a new year!

Quick Update

You are talking more and more each day, putting words together and naming many things.
You Imatite everything we and others do, so now we really have to watch what we say cause you will repeat everything! Especially the stuff you shouldn't at times!! You can say " mama I wuv you".  You said it the other day without me asking you to say it and it was the best feeling ever.  You leaned over gave me a kiss and said I love u! ( yep if you ever want anything or need to get away with something all you have to do is, just that!) 

You can say what's up daddy, daddy stinky, cute baby, I'm a princess and a few other phrases. 
It's really cool now that I can understand you more. 

You are super sweet and usually always say " thank you", when someone does something for you, or if someone gets hurt or trips you always ask " u ok"?
Your fav phrase is " no, I'm good"

When I ask you how old are you, you started saying three.

In the past week you love dressing up like a princess. And anything that's a puffy dress you right away say " princess" and then you make me put it on you and even some of your toys.
You got these light up heels for Xmas and you put them on with your dress and dance around the house. 
So yes all the sudden you've become super girly.  ( I love it!) 
You simply adore most other kids especially especially little girls that are a few years older then you.

Whenever we go to the park or anywhere you see kids. You walk up immediately to them and say "HI" and begin to babble,
Some kids are more shy and get taken back by you and tend to turn away. 
And when that happens it breaks my heart cause you look so sad right way and you hang your head down low and have the sadest look on your face as u walk back to me to tell me, your new friend isn't wanting to play with you.

We went to Tahoe and San Francisco for New Years! Your first time getting to touch snow.  ( you were not too impressed with it) 

Anyway those are just a few things, I gotta run for now and will keep trying to keep this journal of your milestones going.
We love you so so much never will any words explain it. Here r some pics of this month.
Love u Mama 

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