Wednesday, January 29, 2014

r u really almost two!?!?)

Hi sweet girl...
Wow I can't believe your a month alway from being 2 yrs old.
Iv really wanted to stick to this blog more and keep better track of your first few yrs. but some how iv gotten busy and time flu by.
Your dad and I have been very busy with a few new business projects, along with keeping up our everyday jobs. 
Iv put all my online work on hold for now as well as doing hair, to spend more time with you.

Although with my mom being back in San Diego to help watch you few days a week so I can catch up on work and house stuff, I still spend most days with just you and I. 
You are very energetic, curious and full of personality & character.
Def stubborn when you want to be ( yes I blame that on me!) or we can call it determined. :)
 outgoing, super social, very friendly, optioned ( yep already!) you already have formed options on what you like and don't. Rather it's clothes, food, people, toys or actives, you usually voice if your happy or not. 
You are full of life and did I say ENErGetic?!?!? Haha.  You keep us on our toes at all times :).  Never a dull moment with you. 
We are having so much fun with you now that you are becoming this amazing little aware of everything human.
It's truelly amazing to see you change,form, & become into who you are.
I love you more then you will ever know:)
Your mama

Oh found this article thought if share ( pretty cute) 

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