Wednesday, January 11, 2012

28 weeks! 3rd trimester !!

In the 3rd Trimester! Pretty exciting =) all is good so far! We got a bit busy with holidays, new years and work this month, and it flew by so fast.
Looking forward to 2012, i know life will change this year or at least thats what everyone says. but they always follow up with "but it'll change for the better" so getting we are both def getting more excited and anxious!!
  I have a doc appt. tomorrow so ill further update, but everything is going great this far, well except for the heartburn,  putting on my shoes and a few other pregnancy things, feeling pretty good otherwise.

She is moving around a ton, and i still cant seem to get use to looking down at my belly and having it move around and twitche (Looks like theres an alien in there!!) ok here r some pics =)

Alexandra moving around this morning!! pretty crazy (watch carefully, she really is a ninja!)

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