Sunday, January 15, 2012

Limited abilities ??

I think sometimes we take the our freedom & abilities for granted. Jeff & some friends bought a groupon to a trapeze class a while ago, and of course flying through the air with a harness around my belly is not really allowed, so I just went to go watch them. Having been pretty adventures and loving, heights, climbing & swinging, it made me pretty jealous to watch them play and not being able to join. So ya I think when we are able to do anything we want, the moment we are physically limited, we realize what we use to take for granted. As I did today! They did let me play a little bit on the silk ropes :) but it def wasn't as easy hanging upside down with a belly in my way.
Either wAy maybe Alexandra can look at these one day and wonder why her parents didn't join the circus, ( seeing as how talented they were n all ;) )

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