Saturday, March 31, 2012

39 weeks! 4 more days at the most!!!

Had my last "pregnancy appointment" the other day, so the next time I see my doctor will be in the delivery room!

The latest news is, I'm 3cm dilated 90% effaced. Which means.....
My body and I are ready to have her!

* active labor starts at 4-7cm. 100% effaced.
* 7-10cm is going from active labor to the final phase, delivery), and when your cervix is at 10 centimeters (about the size of a newborn’s head), it’s considered fully dilated and you’re ready to give birth.

Sooooo long story short, any min now I should or can be going into labor....
This Sunday April 1st, will be 40 weeks (which means its my due
date!). As I probably mentioned in a previous post, the doctor thought she was going to come earlier then later, then my due date (like last weekend!!!!)

But baby Alexandra didn't not agree apparently, soooooo if she doesn't come by Monday night, the doctor is having me check into the hospital early Tuesday to get induced (since she says everything else is ready and all I need is a Lil push to get me
Going )
I'm really hoping she will just come on her own, ( which is pretty likely) but if doesn't, now there's an actual date set!!! which makes this so much more real, but yet so hard to grasp.
Iv been so so anxious the last week, and now all the sudden I feel very calm. Dont get me wrong im super excited still, but just more calm. :)

Here is a one of my last pregnancy pics from last week, (39 weeks!)

If I don't have her tonight or tomorrow I'll post one more pic to show the 40 week belly,which is....exact full term & the end of pregnancy!!
I'll keep everyone posted the sec something happens!

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