Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dr appointment today 4 month check up

Your doing great! Developing right on time." Your perfect"doc said :) hehe. What mom doesn't love to hear that.
You got the rest of your vaccines today ... I hated it!!! And wanted to rip the doctors hair out for making u cry

At 4 month dr appointment today :
Your hight is 64.1cm ( 2'1.25)
Your weight is 14lb 6 oz
BMI is 15.85
Head circumference - 41cm (16.14")
At 2 months you were:
Height -58.4cm (1'11)
Weight-11lb 11oz
BMI was 15.53
Head circum- 38.5cm (15.16")

Your grabbing onto everything in sight, mostly my hair!
You get super excited when you see yourself in the mirror, although you don't know it's you yet, you reach out and touch the reflection and have a confused look on your face to why it's doesn't feel like a hand.
You blow bubbles with your mouth( mostly cuz I think u might be starting to teeth)
You don't like people you don't know trying to hold you, you prefer to be in my arms all the time, or at least to have me in your view.
If I get out of your sight or you can't hear me, you get startled and start crying.
You lovvvvve your dad, you give him the biggest smile when he gets home.
As tired as I get from holding you all day, feeding, changing, playing the second I give you to your dad, I can't walk away and want you immediately back.
I sometimes look forward to you taking a nap so I could get a quick break and catch up on house or work. But then I keep checking on you wanting you to wake up cause I miss u.
I adore you like no other, I could kiss you and hug you all day! I'm pretty sure I do ;) although u love me losses n hugs, I realize it's only a matter of time before you say " ewwww mom"
So I'm gonna enjoy this as much as I can.
I love you more then you will ever know. More then I ever knew I could.

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