Wednesday, March 7, 2012

doc check up today

So for a quick update, had my doc appointment today, all went well, now i get to go in every week till i have her. (hurray) haha not really cause those exams arent the most comfortable, but def good to know whats going on, on a weekly basis instead of waiting every month to hear how things are.
ok sooooooo Doctor said:
   Im 1cm dilated, and baby is head down, pretty much the norm for 36 weeks, she said i shouldnt go past my due date & i should have her right around if not a bit before April 1st!!!!

We finally started to work on the nursery and my amazing husband put all the big stuff together already (crib, changing tables, bassinet,baby swing) now i have to do my part and decorate it, wash all clothes,blankets and pretty much anything in that room & from the shower.

I have my hospital bag & car seat pretty much ready (in case she comes early) and......hmmm what else is there....... ya thats it for now (-=
oh we are doing some maternity/ belly pictures this weekend, so ill post those as soon as i get them
These are some fun ideas i had in mind photo ideas for my maternity sessions
& Jeff is def stuck doing those with me!! Now if only i can have him take turns at labor n delivery time.
more beer and tv breaks !!
these 2 had to make sure there was nothing left in the box

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