Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maternity photos, 8months 2 weeks!

    So in some way i always thought maternity photos would be cheesy, i mean who really wants to see pictures of you and your huge belly besides few family members (if even) i always figured friends that are single or just not into this whole kid thing clearly dont care to see your "growing belly"  and if they do want to see, it might be just to see how much weight you really put on and
     I mean to be honest i never really cared to see my friends "Beautiful, half naked ,pregnant pictures!" Because to me it was never all that "beautiful", all i saw was the stretch marks, weight gain, strange brown line runny in the middle of the belly, and overall just transformation from "young good looking, in shape, fun adult" to  "mature soccer mom, who drives a station wagon & never has time for her hair or nails".
    To say the least i guess i just never saw the beauty behind it all. But now i find myself seeing it all through a completely different perspective.
   Dont get me wrong, im not 100% convinced that this baby thing is just so amazing now, and i dont need anything else in life, and i  still sometime get a panic attacks thinking about being called a "mom" or having a house full of toys instead of wine and expensive purses.
   But i defiantly am starting to understand how special and unique this experience is. How it puts things in perspective.
    Who knows..... nature does have some tricky ways of making us feel great and happy, when it comes to reproducing, since (that is the major purpose of our existence.) 
     Whatever the reason or where it comes from, when you experience something for yourself, you can definitely begin to understand what all the fuss is all about.
     With that being said, i decided that it would be cool to look back and see this point in my life.
Looking at a picture and knowing there was once another life inside of me, a life that Jeff  & i created, that grew inside of me all on its own, and soon will change our lives forever.
   ya ya still might sound cheesy, but i guess im starting to change and see things a bit differently now (like it or not!! )        =)  

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