Saturday, March 24, 2012

9 days Or less left!!

Couple days ago I finally decided I'm done being pregnant and Alexandra needs to come out!!! :) soon as I hit 38 weeks ( which is considered full term ) I started to hope for her to come sooner then later, plus my last checkup ( this past tues ) the doctor said I'm 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. Which is all good and clear signs my
Body is getting ready to have this baby any day. Withy belly feeling heavier and heavier every dAy, and just all the pressure everywhere, I'm really ready to have her :)
Although I think the mental anticipation is far greater then just being uncomfortable.
Since the doctor told me i will go into labor sooner then labor, Now it's just a waiting game, and I'm way to impatient!! :) with one week left till my due date, I'm really wondering when this sooner is going to come??
Every little thing that happenes, I start wondering (is this it??)
I'm still feeling good for the most part, just seem to be tired and mentally foggy.
After going out with some friends tonight, and I got home and took so Tylenol night, ( yes doc said it was safe) it usually knocks me out and helps me sleep, but tonight after taking it, I got a sudden urge to pace around and repack my hospital bag, as well as my husbands! Since Iv been " nesting" for a whole now, I'm not sure what this is all about, maybe it means shes coming?? But again, when?
Well finally getting tired, so I'm going to go catch some sleep in case she comes tonight or early morning!
The due date I had predicted for her was march 25, which is tomorrow!! So we shall see, oh & two of my girlfriends as well as Jeff all said the same thing, without talking to each other. So kinda weird, will be more so if she actually comes on that date!! I'll keep u guys posted :)!!

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